Jemma’s Birthdays

Word of the Day Challenge: Birthday


My granddaughter is about to turn three years old and this

prompt brought to mind what all of her birthdays to come could look like:

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Let’s celebrate

the day we held you  for the first time

and  the time you came home from school  with a new friend

and everyone swore you must be related because you looked so much alike

even though you really didn’t.


Let’s celebrate

that day with a cake and balloons and maybe a pinata

stuffed with candy and toys for the kids

and for the adults sweet drinks and maybe bitter drinks

poured discreetly and with a few chuckles into paper Disney cups


Let’s celebrate

that day and all of those times you walk on your own and fell down on your own

and wore clothes that made everyone’s eyes burn

and the times you came home late

and thought you snuck into the house through the backdoor, undetected.


Let’s celebrate that day

you showed up on the Earth

with thousands of other babies with the same big eyes and  squishy  face as yours

and even though you  are all  destined to  be more a like then not

You, among them all are really and truly unique.


So let’s celebrate that day, okay?


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