The Assignation

RDP Friday: Interview

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” I waited all night for you to come home. You said you’d be home before nightfall. Remember? You told me to wait in the kitchen. That I should sit back and relax. Maybe have some tea.”

She sat at the table, covered with dust and broken glass and mouse droppings near the window. The pale sun tried to make it’s way into the small dark kitchen and failed.

” I tried to relax. I tried to drink some tea. I tried to ignore the clock, but I couldn’t.All night, I waited all night.”

He stood at the kitchen door, he kept his eyes down. When she was in this kind of mood the last thing he wanted to do was to look into her face.

” Now look at this place. It’s dropping to bits. When I look around all I see is the grave you shoveled me into when you left. ”

” Then why don’t you leave? ” he whispered. ” Why don’t you just get up and leave. Why are you still here? ”

He looked up and she wasn’t at the table, she was at his shoulder and she was whispering into his ear, ” Because you buried me to deep. ”

And then she was gone,

but he is still there and no matter how many other houses he lives in or where he shops for groceries or how many sunsets he basks in with a glass of wine in his hand

he will always be in this kitchen, with her.

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