It’s Not Rocket Science

RDP Tuesday: Impression

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” I’ve been thinking about writing a ghost story. ” Resi told her friend Penni.

They were having coffee- actually they were drinking Italian Sodas but in Seattle everyone knows if you go out for drink that doesn’t involve alcohol, you say you’re going to grab some coffee.

Penni jabbed her straw into her drink and started to twirl a bit of crushed ice around her extra whopping serving  whipping cream. ” A ghost story? Is that right? ”

“Drown you little bastard”, the raspy little voice that lived behind Penni’s right eye hissed down into her cup. ” Drown!”

” Did you say something? ” Resi asked Penni.

” Nope. Not me.”

” Huh.  Anyway. Well sure. They’re pretty basic. It’s not exactly rocket science is it?  I mean, you would know. You’ve been writing them forever, haven’t you? But I thought I could put my English Lit degree to use, my parents would be so pleased.” Resi threw her head back and chuckled.

Penni  agreed, ” It’s been thirty years since you got it and both of them are dead, but sure. I think they would be pleased. Better late then never.

The little cube bobbed up and pleaded for Penni to spare it’s life.

Penni snapped her head forward. She looked down into her cup and right eye glared and glowed red.

The cube gurgled and coughed. It even cried a little,  but of course she refused to spare it’s short and fragile life.  She put her little straw on it and pushed it down into her drink, past the whipped cream through the strawberry goo all the way to the bottom.

” I’m sorry, what did you say? I couldn’t quite hear you. ” Penni smiled. ” It’s a little noisy in here.”

” Inspiration. I thought we’d walk through that cemetery by your house for a little inspiration. How can a cemetery not leave an impression on the artist’s soul.” Resi declared dramtically.

Penni lifted her straw up from her cup.

She smiled wolfishly at it and then she dabbed a little whipped cream on the end of her red straw decorated with white stars and she licked it off. ” Sure. Inspiration.  Let’s go find you some.”




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