My Vault


I have a vault on my blog.

In my vault I have stories, poems and pictures that I post when I hit dry spells or when I go on vacation and can’t write everyday.

The only rule I set up for myself was that I can only take one thing out of the vault a day.

So for the last few weeks, when I sort of went sideways (  well got depressed ) because I always do right after Thanksgiving I went to my vault and noodled around and do you know what?

I just didn’t feel like those posts weren’t going to speak to what I saw or felt on those given days so-

I wrote new stuff and left the stuff in my vault on their shelves for next time I really needed them.

The funny thing is, I started my vault to store things in and that has really helped me in a pinch. I didn’t think it would serve as inspiration for the days when I thought I couldn’t write. It turned out that when I opened my vault door last month I looked into it and saw I could write after all.

Vaults are great, if I had to give advice to a blogger who wants to post daily I recommend installing one of your own.

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