This Is The Part Where You Run

RDP Tuesday: RELAX

A few years ago one of my former co-workers asked me a question about a shipment, so I went over to my computer and tried to type in the numbers for the order that we were having issues with.

The thing is, it was really really cold in my warehouse that day ( it would freeze and snow that night ) and when I tried to tap at the keys I kept making mistakes. I had been packing something for UPS and I had taken my gloves off and forgotten to put them back on, so my fingers were  a little stiff and cold.

He laughed. No fooling, he thought it was funny. I blew on my hands, put my gloves on and tried again, I made one mistake, but that was one to  many and he said

” Nope, nope, nope,  those are not the right numbers.”

I held my hands to the heater and said, ‘ just a sec’ and he said-

” It’s ok, I’m no good at 10 key too. ”

He really thought I was making mistakes because I can’t type and that I was covering it up by pretending that my hands were cold.

My area was so cold we had to close off the doors to keep the cold from flooding the rest of the building.  I was wearing a jacket and a hat. That’s how cold it was in there.

I guess he knew I was mad at his stupid comment because I gave him my infamous wicked side eye and then  he said  ” Relax. I’m just kidding.”

I swear to God, I thought he was going to pat me on the head and tell me to smile.

” This is the part  where you run. ” I told him.

He looked stunned. He had that ‘ why are you so mean’ look.

” Relax ” I said, ” I’m only kidding. ”  and then I patted him on his arm and smiled.



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