No Heaven For You!

Today BING  asked it’s users: Will Space Tourism Change the World?

Of course it will for one reason and one reason only.

From Gerry Anderson’s Fireball XL5

If people are able to hop into a Space Ship and speed out into the Solar system to ski on Pluto or wind surf on Neptune or maybe even go deep sea diving on Europa than I can safely say that the Solar system as we know it will end and it won’t be just robots exploring our System.

It will be chock full of rich people like these guys:

” Justice ” Clarence Thomas and a bunch of uber Rich People

In my younger days when I thought about space travel I thought of Captain Kirk and Han Solo. I even thought of things like what if Vampires and Werewolves found a way to pilot their own space ships- where would they go?

Artists Unknown

I miss those days when Space travel was an exciting idea because I really did believe  the Ray Bradbury and  Arthur C Clarke’s visions of ‘the future space travel’ might come to pass in one form or another.

But now I know that will probably never happen. Not the way they saw it.

There will be the Rich people sitting in those seats in Space Ships sailing off into the sky.

There will not be working class  people heading out to Mars to make a new life or to the Moon to greet Grandma back from her trip to see Saturn’s hexagon shaped storm at it’s North Pole.

The resorts on Titan and Mars will be full of the Mega Rich, their  Uber Rich friends and their soon to be super wealthy family members and of course ‘the help’.

Stewardess, “2001 Space Station Lounge” 1968.

Of course Space Tourism will change the world for a few of us and by that I do mean…

only a few of us.

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