Edgar And Elva

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Photo A.,M. Moscoso

Photo A.,M. Moscoso


We thought:

Edgar and Elva were fast asleep

when morning came to call

There was nobody to wake

as we soon learned

Edgar and Elva were gone


A terrible visitor had knocked

on their door

sometime during the night

and when it left,

it took a sleeping

Edgar and Elva with it


Nobody knows what happened to

Edgar and they only found a few strands of hair

from Elva

Their shattered grave is all that is left

of the


sleeping couple


Somewhere out there

they are wandering

Edgar and Elva together

They like the dark, they like the cold

they’d like a ride back home


Once they were sleeping

and now they are dreaming

their eyes forever closed

of  shovels and graves and revenge

and their ruined and shattered tomb.


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