Hamish and Lucy Are Waiting



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Her name is Lucy and his name is Hamish and last Halloween they stood at the gates of Birchwood Cemetery just as the sun was setting.

Lucy  and Hamish are caretakers at Birchwood and Halloween is NOT their favorite time of the year.

” It get’s worse every year Loose, ” Hamish set the ax down and leaned it against his leg. ” they raise up and just creep around town and make a mess and will you look at that? Dang Lucy is that a severed head stuck to the fence over there?”

Lucy sighed in reply.

” The problem is these things are just mindless empty shells, they don’ think. They’re monsters Lucy. They just chop and hack and grunt and eat. God. That’s all they think about. Plus they smell bad.”

Lucy sniffed in agreement.

They watched the last of the Sun melt away and the stars started to pop out, the leaves startled to rustle in the trees and along the ground.

They heard foot steps and from down the road they heard car doors open and slamming shut.

” At last. There they are. Why the Hell do they park so far away? Seriously.” He picked up his pickax and shook his head. ” Time is wasting and here we just standing around doing  nothing.” Hamish looked over his shoulder into the cemetery and up at the moon and he actually stamped his foot.

I know what they’re doing. They’re taking selfies and filming themselves. That’s  what they’re doing.”

Lucy reached into her jacket and pulled out her phone and held it up.

” That’s not funny. Put it away.”

Hamish  tapped his foot. He checked under his fingernails he unbuttoned his jacket.

He took another look down the road.

” Oh look. They decided to show up. Ok. Let’s go. ”

Lucy stepped back and put her ax down  Hamish tossed his  over his shoulder back into the graveyard and then with the light of the full silver moon shining down on them the caretakers of Birchwood Cemetery let out  blood curdling  wolfish  howls and went to work.

Meet the real life Hamish and Lucy!

Lucy aka Lucifer Photo: P. Knapp

Lucy aka Lucifer
Photo: P. Knapp


Hamish Photo; A.M. Mocoso

Hamish Macbeth
Photo: A.M. Mocoso

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