The Dead End Road

RDP Monday: GLUM

It is an empty house

on a dead end road

the empty house is

overgrown with weeds and sticker bushes and infested with bugs

that could give you a nasty bite and oozing rashes for weeks maybe months at a time.


It is an empty house

on a dead end road where

nobody ever  heard wicked sly voices chanting and singing to them in the dark

of a sleepless night.


Nobody who lived or died in  this empty house

ever  swung an ax a their confused and bedeviled  spouses

or had children with horns and too many fingers and tails.


Beautiful trees were

brutally chopped down

so that this empty house

where nothing exciting ever happened

could be called a home.


The empty house

on the Dead End Road

is  now quietly falling to bits,

with no stories hidden inside of  it’s walls

buried in it’s basement,

discarded down the well  in it’s back yard.


It’s just an empty an lifeless  house

at the end of a dead end road infested with bugs and thorns.

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