Lost In The Words



” We shouldn’t have gone out for dinner ”  he said ” We could have used that money to

buy curtains instead.


I went in search of curtains and found some patterns that I thought looked nice

but he said

” It doesn’t make sense to get new curtains when we need new windows. “


I went on line and found some windows and I found someone to install them and he


” It doesn’t make sense to put in new windows when we need to hang new gutters “

Which he had taken down because he wanted new windows and he wanted new

curtains to hang in them.


I said lets get the gutters put up, they’re in the backyard under wrap where you left

them and he said

” It doesn’t make sense to hang new gutters when the house should be painted first instead.

So I chose  found some samples and help for the work and said, ‘ there’s a better way t

do this and

he was right.


It took ten years and the work got done but somebody else did it

because by then we were long gone

lost in a forest of words

on a mountain of intentions

 under a sky heavy with clouds of excuses,

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