The Air Pirates


Karl Hubbuch, “They Live in the Same House”

I ride the train with this clutch of ladies who love to talk and chit chat- they say it in jest, but they “invite”  people who make them laugh or say amusing things to ‘ride with them’.

If you’re invited to ride with them that means you can sit in their area up front and laugh and talk and sort of spark the car to life. In fact, they make it so lively and sparky that people who are trying to talk on their phones or have conversations outside of  ” Golden Girls Club ” as they were nicknamed by the conductor,  have to walk to the next car.

I could do, but I have a wonky knee so on some days I like to use the ramp ( this is the ADA car ) so moving to another car is a hassle, plus if I ride this car when we get to the stop I can get to the crossing and my Jeep faster.

Most of the time, I don’t care how loud they are or how obnoxious they are when they think they’re being funny. When I’m not amused I just kick back and use  what they say or how they act  for plot lines and base characters on them for my horror stories. It passes the time.

I also sit at the other end of the car and as far away from them as possible.

Last Friday one of the Golden Girls ( anyone can be a Golden Girl, even guys ) asked where a couple of the other Golden Girls were and I heard that  two of them tested positive for Covid.

I guess running at the mouth isn’t such a good when you have no idea what can be coming out of it.

And if you’re curious that ride was uncharacteristically  quiet that day.

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