Meet Opal May

Word of the Day Challenge: DECORATE

I have zero fashion sense and absolutely no sense of style.

My face is a blank canvas that I try to brighten up with makeup but that has never

worked for me. It’s the same face with splashes of color-expensive splashes of color.


When I have to ‘decorate’ myself I look into the mirror, grit my teeth and hope for the

best- the best that I can pull off in five minutes, because that’s all the time I’m willing

to put into it.


On the other hand, I used to decorate my home for Halloween and Christmas- and that

is something I really worked on  with a lot of  enthusiasm.


I asked for advice about lighting, I shopped for ornaments, I cared about color schemes

and where I should place each of my new found treasures.

In the end, nothing I did ever really came together. I got tired of trying. But I did it

anyway, year after year.


Last year I made myself care about decorating for Christmas  because I knew it was

important to try to maintain some

kind of normal so that I wasn’t consumed by our abnormal ‘normal’.  My decorating was

an exercise.   In a word it was uninspired.


This year I worked a little harder at it because I wanted to, but I was horrified to find

that after all of these years of trying

I still  have zero fashion sense and absolutly no sense of style and the themes I reached

for  this year were  pathetic looking,  I mean I know what I wanted to show and why I

chose the colors and ornaments I did use, but woof.  It was an epic fail.


Sad to say, despite my best efforts my Christmas tree looks like a pile of  blue cat sick

and on top of it all I used  the  wrong kinds of lights and I think it’s crooked too.


It’s a shame because this year I   jumped into the festivities because I actually wanted

to celebrate the holidays and have some fun.


On the bright side-

Who knows? Maybe that’s my thing, taking a poor little tree and making it look glittery

and unhinged. If my tree were a person she’d be like a waitress in a 1970’s

movie about truckers  and she’d have a name like  Opal May.


Now that I think about it, maybe that’s my thing- always missing the Christmas

decorating mark but ending  up with a pile of glittery artistic cat sick that you don’t

want to lookat but you can’t help yourself so you do- it like being drawn to check out a

a car crash at the side of the road.


I can live with that because you should see what I do to my Pumpkins at Halloween- I

carve them with big knives, I cover my mistakes with tooth picks, dental floss and

tooth paste and I guess I don’t have to add that I don’t use patterns.


After writing this I have to say,  I’m looking forward to what I can do next year- it’s

going to be a challenge to  outdo Opal May.

I should probably get to work on that.


4 thoughts on “Meet Opal May

  1. Your blogging colleagues think you are very talented, and enjoy your efforts very much. From what I’ve seen of your posts I think you have a great, and unique sense of style. In a world where everything seems to come out of the same design books that’s a great step in the right direction. Go get’em!

  2. It sounds like you enjoy doing it and that is what matters. I want to see some photos of these decorations you declare to be sub-par. I bet they are better than you imagine them to be. Be brave. Show us.

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