Holidailies Prompt:  Have you ever had a winter without snow?

Gregory Packard
Midnight (The Embrace)

I’ve had winters when it didn’t snow, it didn’t even rain

those empty winter skies  made the outdoor decorations look flat and lifeless so

I stayed inside with the curtains closed and ate frosted cookies shaped like reindeer

and  snowmen.


I’ve had winters when it did snow, the trees were hung with ice

and the sidewalks where slick and treacherous,

there was no doubt in my mind that they wanted to pull me down and

break a bone or two.


I’ ve had winters that were so brutal that I actually looked forward to

the Spring and beyond that the Summer

and I hate that time of year because

all I do is sneeze and wheeze .


But those brutal winter months left and the drury winter days

slid by without a trace

and they were gone before I knew it

and after they left, I always felt a little empty inside.




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